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I guess I should say a couple of things about this site... So there goes. I created it when our show was on hiatus, during the writers' strike, early in 2008. It was meant for
all did, that our show would get renewed and this site's reason for being would soon vanish for the best. After things turned out as they did though, I found myself not
wanting to take it offline, and yet wondering what to do with it. So I just left it as if frozen-in-time, like some web version of Pompei. Now that I finally have a few ideas, well
I'm going to try and put them into practice. It's not much, it's just a small, forum-less site, but if it can be of some small use to some of us, hey that's good enough for me.
Whatever "new" things I have put here are related to how we are keeping Moonlight alive. Of course that's not saying much, as just about everything we do on our
favourite forums is just that. But all the same, that is something I would never have thought possible when I created this site. Like most of us, I had never imagined I could
ever feel this way about a show. So I had no idea what to expect in the longer run. I had never even heard the term fanfic before. Without even realising it, I expected
Moonlight to end whenever we ran out of TV-episodes.  I guess what a wise-old-woman once told me was true: things rarely turn out as great as we hope, nor as terrible
as we fear.  I am so immensely grateful for our community, as it continues to keep our Mick, Beth, Josef, and all the others alive, to love them into existence.
Now a couple of words about what you'll find here, which I admit is a bit random. For starters, links, to those of our community's websites I am aware of, in case that can be
of use to new fans. Links to the fanfics sections of various sites. Links to whatever campaign efforts I am aware of. And a couple of more personal things this time:
screensavers (and assorted wallpapers) I've made (ok, not much choice yet in the screensaver category) and info about how to do that; some pics of a some special
places dear to our hearts in LA; and, my big weakness: resources for illustrating fanfics. I've done that a couple of times so far, using powerpoint. It is meant to make life
easier to whoever would want to do something similar. And hopefuly soon contact information for the wonderful people who have made our Moonlight possible.
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